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Latest news

  • What is a Toy rental library?...
    Just as a book library lets you borrow books, a toy library lets you borrow different kinds of toys. It is a source of a wide range of high quality and branded products.

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  • A History of Toys
    Toys have been popular for thousands of years. Early man even made toys out of rock and wood for their children. We know this because we have found them in archaeological digs and through cave drawing

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  • Jaipur gets it's first Toy Library...
    A toy library is a source of a wide variety of toys, games and puzzles accessible to children which makes their learning experience enjoyable and gives parents the right value for their money.

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  • Children Love Toys, Fact !
    We all agree - Children love toys ! If you see a commercial for a toy on television and you want to buy it for your kids, where will you get it from?

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  • Girls and Their Dolls
    Why do little girls play with dolls, while boys prefer plastic guns? As you might expect, gender stereotypes play a big role. Girls are expected to enjoy collecting, dressing, and caring for their dol

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  • Toys to Help Kids to Learn...
    All toys are educational, to a certain extent, as most teach specific skills, and all of them teach kids how to play. However there are toys that go further still and help children to learn languages.

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