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About Us

ToyTumblr is a venture by Shubhnita Khandelwal who is from New Delhi and is now married and based in Jaipur. She is an MBA from Pune and has a work experience of working in the education industry. Her work involved being with school children and help them develop their thinking skills through mind games and puzzles.

The idea for this library came from her love for children and from her own experience of seeing how children evolve when exposed to a range of educational aids or toys. This service will definitely help parents in grooming their child better.

A toy library is a source of a wide variety of toys, games and puzzles accessible to children which makes their learning experience enjoyable and gives parents the right value for their money. Borrowing from a toy library is full of advantages for everyone. It acts as a bridge between Parents and children as every parent wishes to give their child the experience they deserve. A toy library makes it possible.

Our Aim is

01 To make children and parents happy

02 Give children a unique and a continuous learning process to develop their skills

03 To also develop a sense of responsibility when they have to themselves take care of the library toys.

From our side, we ensure that

01 Our products will be engaging and best from the market

02 Keep toys that are safe and clean to use for your child

03 Provide you with the best service possible

Come join us and be a part of this wonderful world of ToyTumblr !