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1. How do I start renting toys?
At ToyTumblr there are exclusive toys for children from the age of 1 year to 8 years old. Becoming a member involves a few simple steps. You can follow them as mentioned below-

* Register to create a new account or visit the library to register
* Choose your membership plan
* Pay cash or cheque on delivery or make an online transfer. Or visit and pay.
* Choose the products from our catalogue and add them to the queue or take them yourself from our library
* Get free home delivery at your doorstep
2. How many products can I borrow?
You can borrow products with a total worth/value of 3000 or 6000 or 12000 (Toy Credits) according to the membership plan chosen by you. Each time you take toys or in every circulation you are allowed to take 1000/2000/4000 worth of products. Toy Credits need to be used within the valid period of 3 months. When you have used all the toy credits or if the validity of the plan is over renew/upgrade your plan.
3. How long can I keep them?
Toy Tumblr follows a weekly cycle if you order online. This means that you can exchange toys every 7 days. If you visit the library and personally take toys then, you can return them and take new ones anytime you want. In case you want to extend the period it is possible if no other customer has booked that toy. If he/she has then it needs to be returned on completion of 10 days otherwise you can keep it for maximum 15 days whether taken online or offline.
4. What happens if I break a toy?
We have toys which are sturdy and are from reputed brands. In case of minor scratches to the any toy, Toy Tumblr does not levy any heavy penalty as it is a part of normal wear and tear of the product. If a part or whole of the toy breaks we will try our best to repair. In case it is not reparable the customer will have to pay MRP less 20%.
5. What happens if I loose a toy?
If you loose a toy, you will be given a period of one week as a grace period to find the toy and return it to us. If you can’t find it then you will have to pay MRP less 20% of the same.
6. If I loose one or more missing parts of the toy what will happen?
We will give you one more week to find the missing parts. If the replacement parts are available we will charge you the cost of the same. If they are not then you will have to pay MRP less 20%.
7. How do I borrow new toys and replace the earlier ones?
You can order the products online or walk in to our toy library to borrow or return the products. You can also order on the phone. In case of home delivery of your order you need to return the previous toys and take the new ones from our delivery agent. Before you get your order we will intimate you of the delivery date.
8. What are my payment options?
You can pay online through your credit/debit card/net-banking or you can pay by cash to the delivery agent who comes for delivery/pickup. You can also walk into our library and pay by cash or cheque.
9. How can I reserve toys which are not available in your collection?
You can walk into our library, reserve online or call our helpline to reserve the products that you want to borrow.
10. How can I suggest the products that are not available in your library?
You are welcome to make your recommendations. You can either walk into our library or you can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling our helpline number 8290985584.
11. How do you clean and sanitise the toys?
From our side we ensure that when we receive the product we clean and disinfect it. We understand that your child’s health is very important. Therefore, we sanitise and shrink wrap the toy after every use. You can check the label/tag on the product mentioning that it’s sanitized.
12. Am I expected to clean the toys?
Yes, we expect parents to return toys in a clean state. We are happy to give suggestions on how to clean it. From our side it is cleaned and sanitized before it is issued again.
13. How much time will it take to receive the toys after I place the order?
We will get in touch with you regarding the day of delivery. You will get your order at the earliest depending on the delivery routes. It generally takes 2-3 days.
14. Are there any delivery charges?
ToyTumblr will deliver your order free of cost. The same applies to pick up on every exchange.
15. Can I buy the toys that I have rented?
We will be happy to offer you toys from our catalogue at attractive prices. Get in touch with us for the same.